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Our Story

THE WELL® was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 as a dynamic branding firm for clients seeking an alternative to traditional creative service providers. We are a team of communication professionals with proven expertise in name development, branding and production. Our continued referrals from research firms, marketing strategists, interim CMO's, business planners, industry consultants, executive coaches, CPA's and of course, our clients, have been the cornerstone of our success.

Our Clients

People who hire us tend to be leaders of tightly held private companies experiencing change. Their situations fall into three distinct categories.


These tend to be larger corporations who need to insure that their new investment in a subsidiary or new product/service is based on a sound name that can be trademarked and protected for the long haul.


People who hire us for rebranding tend to be leaders of tightly held private companies experiencing marketplace change. Perhaps a long established company realizes that they simply don't have the time or internal skillsets to properly position and market the company anymore. The leaders want someone who can hold their hand and guide them through the steps they know they need to make - yet never just seemed to do themselves. We help them salvage the best of the existing brand equity while providing a jumpstart to revival.


Two companies merge. Someone neutral is needed to referee the culture change and to develop the resultant messaging needed so the new venture can really sing in harmony. The merging principals want someone who can determine the best of both sides, yet forge a compelling way forward that stimulates excitement throughout the new organization.


Several people leave their original companies to create something new. One has vision and can sell. One can organize and manage. One can handle the numbers. Each want the new company to look larger than it is from very start. We tell them, "You can grow into BIG. You can’t outgrow SMALL." Then, we listen intently, extract their enthusiasm, and provide the inspiring platform they need for the road ahead.

Our Vertical Market Segment Experience

Across the client scenarios outlined above, our branding clients also tend to fall in the following vertical market segments:

Design / Construction
Architects, Interior Designers, Kitchen Designers, Builders, Flooring Companies, Deck Builders, Carpet/ Upholstery Cleaners, Landscape Supplies

B2B (Heavy in lighting-related fields)
Lighting Design/Rep Agencies, Lighting Controls, Lighting Distributors, Landscape Supplies, Business Consultants, Contract Services, Catering, Food Consultants

Financial Services
CPA firms, Personal Wealth Management, Investment Banking Services, Tax Credit Funds, Mortgage Banking, Insurance Agencies

Health Care
Specialty Physician Groups, Specialty Health Services, Hospitals, Hospital Systems, Hospital Consultants, Fitness & Nutrition Providers

Churches, Faith-Based Initiatives

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Our Mission

THE WELL ® is a creative communications team of driven marketing professionals anxious to please and hungry to excel for a different kind of client.

We believe that success is built around four time-tested principles:
Integrity, Passion, Commitment and Loyalty.

We surround ourselves with people who understand those principles.

We firmly believe business becomes more meaningful when built on trusted relationships. As such, our team shares a healthy respect for each member's talent, experience and skill.

This pays off at the client level with dynamic marketing recommendations, powerful creative executions and excellent service.

We deliver an alternative for clients where creativity flows, service reigns and brand value grows.

We are THE WELL ®…
where clients find the focus, ideas and marketing response that they have never had.

Robert Worley